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Beef Steak

Granny's Garden and Grass-Fed Beef is proud to offer a wide selection of 100% all natural grass-fed beef Our grass-fed beef is locally grown on pasture grass and hay with no GMO grains, growth hormones, or antibiotic regimen.  All standard cuts are available including, but not limited to, steaks, roasts, ground beef patties, chili meat, tenderized cutlets, ribs, marrow bones, knuckle bones, beef bones, brisket, and sausage.  All meats are vacuum sealed and labeled.  Also available is bone broth, made from our grass-fed beef bones.  Volume pricing is available on quarter, half, and whole calf purchases along with our bulk ground beef and family packs.  Contact us for more details and a current price list. Be sure to ask us about other available products at Granny's Garden.



Image by Jonathan Pielmayer


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